About us

What we do

Together with industry partners, SuperFriend designs and delivers mental health initiatives that enable workplaces to thrive.


We help organisations navigate their workplace wellbeing journey by providing practical and evidence-informed strategic support, workplace training and resources.

We know that building a high-performing, cohesive, mentally healthy workplace can be difficult – particularly with the mountain of information out there! We are here to support you through this process, upskill you along the way, and work with you to provide a clear roadmap for your organisation.

All organisations are different – we help to determine what your needs are and tailor an action plan that’s right for your unique workplace. Our solutions are designed to boost your organisations’ existing strengths and build capability across the business, so employees can create sustainably thriving environments, where everyone can perform at their best.

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SuperFriend proudly represents the superannuation and life insurance industries through a number of mental health and financial services strategic alliances and forums aimed at driving practical systems change (including at a policy level) in mental health, Australia-wide.

We know our unique advocacy role is to bring together meaningful collaborations between the superannuation and life insurance industries and the mental health sector to achieve practical systems change to benefit Australia’s workforce.

One common thread is that we are all united and passionate about advocating for change that will make a real and positive difference in mental health and suicide prevention.

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Our unique position also allows us to gather workplace mental health insights for workplaces, and the financial services industry, mental health and suicide prevention sectors through Australia’s largest annual national workplace survey – Indicators of Thriving Workplace – analysing trends and providing the ‘so what’ interpretations that lead to practical and positive outcomes.

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Improving mental health and wellbeing in your workplace doesn’t need to be complicated.

Online training and courses

Training is one of the most impactful initiatives a workplace can do to create a thriving environment, by building mental health and wellbeing capability and confidence.

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Resources and toolkits

We do our own research and feed national insights into a range of best-practice workplace wellbeing resources and guides for organisations and individuals.

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Strategic support

Our experts are here to help you to navigate your organisation’s unique workplace wellbeing journey from end to end, including assessment, strategy and policy development.

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