Indicators of a
Thriving Workplace

The 2020 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Report is now available.

This latest Report from Australia’s largest workplace mental health study features unique insights from COVID-19’s profound impact on workers around the nation.

Learn which industries are most and least thriving, as measured against 40 scientifically-validated indicators through responses from more than 10,000 Australian workers.

The Report also highlights at-risk industries and populations, actions most likely to improve worker outcomes, and practical strategies for getting the best out of your people.

NEW: Spotlight on Productivity and Mental Health

According to Australia’s largest workplace mental health survey of workplaces, productivity in Australia fell with the onset of the first wave of the pandemic. ​What happened next was intriguing and perplexing. After the shift to remote working – arguably one of the biggest social experiments of modern history – productivity both rose and fell simultaneously. What drove this? Who fared best? This spotlight unpacks these insights and more.

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Key findings from this year’s National Report include:

  • Three in five workers (59.5%) experienced a mental health condition this year
  • Mental health concerns were the most common reason for lower productivity, but some workers found 2020s big changes made them more productive
  • At a national level, more than half of workers (55.1%) report that no action is being taken in their workplace to address mental health
  • Surprisingly, COVID-19 has resulted in a better work-life balance for nearly half of Australia’s workforce (48.5%)
  • Australian workers are feeling more connected than ever before
  • Casual workers are the furthest from thriving, and the gap has widened.

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