Indicators of a
Thriving Workplace

Australian workers have spoken. Read what they have to say.

Back for its seventh year, 2021 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Report is packed full of insights from Australian workers and their experiences through the second year of the pandemic, as well as actions that your organisation can implement to move your organisation closer to thriving.

The research explores some of the biggest issues facing Australian workplaces including how to support and attract the best workers, how to ensure your workers are both mentally healthy and productive, the impact large organisational change can have on worker mental health and what the best wellbeing initiatives workplaces can implement are.

For the first time ever, the report is an interactive microsite rather than a static PDF, allowing you to focus in on the information and insights that are most important to you and skip those that aren’t.

Released in December, part two of the Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Report provides more detailed insights into the retail and transport, postal and warehousing industries, as well as deeps dives into the impact of workplace discrimination and how to support vulnerable workers in the workplace.

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