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FSC Standard 21 Mental Health Training

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This course is designed to support Financial Services Council (FSC) members to provide their employees with appropriate mental health education and training as outlined by FSC Standard No. 21.

This course can be undertaken online or as a workshop. Online modules can also be licenced to organisations with their own Learning Management (LMS) Systems.

About this course

Mental health conditions are the third leading cause of disability in Australia, and approximately 3 in 5 (60%) workers have self-reported experiencing a mental health condition.[1]

The Financial Services Council (FSC) has developed guidance for mental health education training which requires FSC member organisation employees to have an appropriate level of mental health literacy and skills to support interactions with customers who may have had and/or may be currently experiencing a mental health condition(s).

SuperFriend’s FSC Standard 21 Mental Health Training course has been designed to support the delivery of mental health education training programs outlined in the FSC Standard No. 21.

SuperFriend collaborated with Roses in the Ocean to ensure a lived experience view of suicide was included in the development of the content for this course.

This online course explores topics related to mental health and supporting people in a crisis situation. Some of the content may be confronting or distressing. This is particularly true for people who have self-harmed, experienced suicidal thoughts, or have a mental health condition(s), as well as people who have supported others through similar experiences.

1. SuperFriend, Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Survey, Melbourne : SuperFriend 2020

What’s included

This course includes the following learning modules:

  • The mental health continuum
  • Common mental health conditions
  • Building empathy
  • Self-care strategies
  • Communication strategies related to mental health condition(s), self-harm and suicide (Category 1 Representatives only)
Online learning:

  • Category 1 Representatives: 5 modules (100 mins total)
  • Category 2 Representatives: 4 modules (70 mins total)

Facilitated workshop:

  • Category 1 Representatives: 3.5 hours
  • Category 2 Representatives: 2.5 hours

SCORM file licencing:

  • SCORM 1.2 or 2004 files
  • Upon completion, participants will be able to:

    • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the causes, signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions in the community (all representatives)
    • Demonstrate general education and mental health literacy concerning the spectrum of and interaction between mental health conditions (all representatives)
    • Demonstrate empathy and understanding of the impact of mental health condition(s) (all representatives)
    • Demonstrate communication skills for interacting with consumers who may have a mental health condition(s), including those who may present with suicidal thoughts or self- harm (Category 1 representatives)
    • Understand what self-care is and strategies to support their own mental health and wellbeing
  • Participants will receive supporting resources – tools, tip sheets.

Employees from FSC member organisations

Online learning:
From $65 + GST per learner

SCORM Licencing:
$5000 per module per year. Volume and renewal discounts apply.

Please contact us for more information.

Facilitated workshop:
From $2,700 + GST per workshop of up to 20 participants

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