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Retiring Well Presentation

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About this presentation

The earlier you can begin planning, the better the outcomes and ability to achieve lasting wellbeing.

This presentation will assist participants in planning for the changes retirement offers, retirement is one of life’s biggest transitions, and, as with any major change, it comes with a combination of excitement and apprehension.

Learning Outcomes

Following this presentation, participants will:

  • Have formed realistic expectations of the transition to retirement, and reflected on their own retirement plans
  • Know which factors contribute to adjusting well to retirement, and learn strategies to improve the transition
  • Understand the relationship between retirement adjustment and wellbeing, and how to support emotional wellbeing during the retirement transition
  • Understand the importance of planning for retirement (not just financially) and the available tools and resources to do this effectively
  • Understand the practical strategies that can support wellbeing in retirement
  • Increase knowledge of financial, social and emotional wellbeing.

Suitable for
Those planning for, or transitioning into, retirement

Online or in-person

1 hour

Max Participants
100 people per presentation

Starting from $1300 +GST

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