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Help your workplace thrive.

SuperFriend’s solutions are designed to assist organisations create thriving workplaces, where every person has the opportunity to be their best.

Regardless of where you are on your workplace wellbeing journey, our expert consultants are ready to assist you to design, develop and deliver a workplace solution to meet your needs.

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Our approach

Investing in employee wellbeing positively impacts workplace culture while providing benefits to organisations. The more tangible the actions, the more workers feel supported and are more likely to enjoy their job and are less likely to leave or feel distressed at work.

SuperFriend can support your organisation in building and maintaining a thriving workplace. We can help you design a well-intentioned strategy, build internal capability and develop policies and systems, as well as create sustainable success.

SuperFriend uses the evidence based integrated approach overlaid with the five domains of a thriving workplace to assist organisations to build an environment where all employees perform at their best.

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Workplace mental health & wellbeing solutions


Build the mental health and wellbeing capability of your employees and people leaders with online and facilitated training, delivered virtually and on-site.

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Engage our experts for a positive approach to workplace mental health. We can assist with strategic reviews, policy design, enablement and implementation support.

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Why SuperFriend

SuperFriend can support you in building and maintaining a thriving workplace.

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“We have seen a positive impact since staff undertook SuperFriend’s training. People have started to connect. There’s been a shift towards a psychologically safe workplace culture – people understand that health and wellbeing is something that we are serious about. That it’s ok to ask for help and the importance of looking out for others.”

— Lisa D’Andrea, HR Manager Hansen Yuncken

“We chose SuperFriend because it was just really clear speaking to SuperFriend that you are people who are really genuine, really authentic, easy to talk to – you weren’t trying to bamboozle us with lots of fancy acronyms or language about things. You were truly listening, so it was really a two-way discussion. You genuinely wanted to understand our business, what was going on for us.”

— Jo McManus, Head of People & Performance at Twinings Australia

“We are delighted with the results and they speak volumes. Of the targeted staff, 77% completed the course with 65% of the team stating that they had gained knowledge and better yet, 81% of people said that they intended to implement this knowledge.”

— Amra Broughton, Director, People & Development at Ralph Lauren

Indicators of a Thriving Workplace 2021

The latest report from Australia’s largest workplace mental health study features unique insights from COVID-19’s profound impact on workers around the nation.

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