Piloting unique digital workplace mental health tool with PwC

Over the past few months, SuperFriend has been working alongside PwC Consulting Australia building and piloting a unique online workplace mental health tool. Designed to diagnose, benchmark and prioritise strengths and areas of opportunity, it is based on Australia’s largest and longest running workplace mental health research: SuperFriend’s Indicators of a Thriving Workplace.

It's been an exciting journey collaborating with such a well-regarded global organisation, and SuperFriend is really pleased to announce that we are continuing our work with PwC and moving to a second pilot stage.

This unique digital tool has four useful features:

Diagnostic – It measures the current state of mental health and wellbeing in participating workplaces, by asking employees about five thriving workplace domains: Leadership, Capability, Policy, Connectedness and Culture.

Benchmarking - It compares results to both national and industry benchmarks, using the 40 scientifically validated indicators of thriving workplaces and drawing from the six years’ of data we’ve collected.

Action planning prioritisation - The tool provides an explanation of the findings, highlighting strengths and opportunities, along with a map of tangible actions to improve outcomes and build psychological safety and worker wellbeing. Workplaces can also access expert implementation support.

Demonstrate progress - Workplaces can use the tool again periodically to check progress and change over time, allowing them to track and demonstrate results and make data-informed decisions through an easy-to-use, interactive dashboard, shining the light on improvements and further opportunity areas.

This project speaks to the heart of our vision for mentally healthier Australian workplaces, and we look forward to bringing you further updates in the coming months.

Learn more about the tool here, and about PwC’s commitment to improving mental health here.

Interested in early access to the tool to improve outcomes at your workplace? Register your details here.

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