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The art and science behind managing conflict

Blog By Pippa Rose, Head of Consulting   Conflict and challenging interactions are a part life. In the workplace, they can be caused by various factors including differing ideas and personality types and opposing communication styles. 2020 was an unprecedented time [...]

The art and science behind managing conflict2021-07-16T12:07:07+10:00

The 11 most impactful actions for improving worker wellbeing

Blog With so many actions available to improve the mental wellbeing of your workers, employers can quickly become overwhelmed and find it difficult to prioritise which are most appropriate for their organisation. The latest Indicators of a Thriving Workplace research, Australia’s largest [...]

The 11 most impactful actions for improving worker wellbeing2021-06-28T14:07:38+10:00

Looking after your mental health when you’re out of work

Blog While you’re out of work, there are some simple practices you can adopt to make this period of your life much easier for yourself and your family. Developing a sense of self ‘What do you do?’ is a question you’re probably asked [...]

Looking after your mental health when you’re out of work2020-10-07T05:57:43+10:00

Making the most of it – ways to spend your time when you’re out of work

Blog It can be stressful to be in a job or industry where work isn’t guaranteed or if it dries up altogether. COVID-19 has also created a level of uncertainty around the future of work for many people, particularly casual workers. If you do [...]

Making the most of it – ways to spend your time when you’re out of work2020-10-07T12:30:37+10:00

Peer Support Booklet

Resources SuperFriend’s Peer Support Booklet provides practical suggestions to individuals for listening to and supporting work colleagues who may be experiencing issues with their mental health. The communication skills and support strategies promoted in this booklet are important for employees at all levels [...]

Peer Support Booklet2020-10-13T09:36:45+10:00

Looking After You

Resources Looking After You booklet Most of us are juggling multiple roles in our lives, and many of these typically involve caring for others. Making self-care a priority with “the life juggle” can be tricky, so to help, we’ve put together this resource [...]

Looking After You2020-10-13T09:34:50+10:00

Building Thriving Workplaces

Resources Building Thriving Workplaces features practical and evidence-informed strategies to help your workers thrive. This booklet contains: the latest workplace mental health findings and advice the business case for investing in your workplace’s mental health practical information on applying the five evidence-based ‘domains’– [...]

Building Thriving Workplaces2020-10-13T09:37:11+10:00

Let’s have fun!

Blog At SuperFriend, we know the biggest ongoing changes to the mental health of a workplace come when strong organisation-wide systems and practices are put in place. However, you can also implement fun activities that provide important social connections, positive interactions between employees and [...]

Let’s have fun!2020-10-07T09:51:49+10:00

Action ideas to boost wellbeing

Blog People often ask us: “What’s the first thing I should do to begin the workplace wellbeing process?” Our response is to tell them that the chances are they are already engaging in a wide range of actions to promote workplace mental health and [...]

Action ideas to boost wellbeing2020-10-07T09:34:58+10:00
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