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How thriving is your workplace?

Blog It's a pretty universal feeling, wanting to work in an organisation that not only values its employees and their contributions, but also prioritises their mental health and wellbeing - however reality doesn't always match up to expectations. Our 2020 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace ...

How thriving is your workplace?2021-09-07T15:12:59+10:00

Are you worried about the mental health of someone you know?

Blog There is no doubt it's been a tough year. Our latest research tells us that, while the year's events have boosted productivity and connection, the number of workers who experienced a mental health condition has increased by 8.9 percent up to 59.5 percent. ...

Are you worried about the mental health of someone you know?2021-09-07T15:21:49+10:00

Looking after yourself as a leader

Blog If you’ve travelled on a plane, you’ll know the flight attendant’s safety briefing: brace positions, emergency exits, and remember to put on your own oxygen mask first. The reason we’re told this is because you can’t help others if you’re running low on oxygen. ...

Looking after yourself as a leader2021-09-07T00:32:17+10:00

More helpful links and resources for COVID support

COVID Support Hub Information from reliable sources It’s best to rely on information from credible sources during this time, such as: The Australian Government Department of Health The World Health Organisation Checking in with someone you care about ...

More helpful links and resources for COVID support2021-09-07T00:21:34+10:00

Seek formal support

COVID Support Hub Taking that first step to seek support can be daunting, especially if you haven’t had experience with formal mental health support before. However, it is completely normal and important to seek support if you’re feeling overwhelmed by COVID-19, or during any difficult ...

Seek formal support2021-09-07T00:24:02+10:00
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