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Five simple ways that small organisations can help improve employee wellbeing

Blog As a smaller business, it may feel like there’s not much more you can do to improve your worker’s wellbeing, especially in comparison to large organisations that have entire teams and large-scale budgets for HR and wellbeing. We’re here to tell you that ...

Five simple ways that small organisations can help improve employee wellbeing2022-03-22T12:24:43+10:00

How thriving is your workplace?

Blog It's a pretty universal feeling, wanting to work in an organisation that not only values its employees and their contributions, but also prioritises their mental health and wellbeing - however reality doesn't always match up to expectations.Our 2020 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace report ...

How thriving is your workplace?2022-04-20T18:21:25+10:00

The business case for a mentally healthy workplace

Blog Research tells us mental health is either affecting your business right now or is likely to in the near future. One in six working aged people are living with a mental illness. Beyond that, it’s believed there are more people experiencing mental ...

The business case for a mentally healthy workplace2022-03-22T12:46:15+10:00

Let’s have fun!

Blog At SuperFriend, we know the biggest ongoing changes to the mental health of a workplace come when strong organisation-wide systems and practices are put in place. However, you can also implement fun activities that provide important social connections, positive interactions between employees ...

Let’s have fun!2022-03-16T15:16:15+10:00

Action ideas to boost wellbeing

Blog People often ask us: “What’s the first thing I should do to begin the workplace wellbeing process?” Our response is to tell them that the chances are they are already engaging in a wide range of actions to promote workplace mental health ...

Action ideas to boost wellbeing2022-03-22T12:48:15+10:00

Getting leadership buy-in

Blog All too often, well-crafted workplace wellbeing strategies struggle to maintain engagement and fizzle out over time. Like all workplace initiatives, leadership support determines the success or failure of all efforts to improve employee wellbeing.Gaining leadership buy-in is one of the first crucial steps ...

Getting leadership buy-in2022-06-15T22:49:27+10:00
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