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Recognising And Responding To Suicide Risk Workshop

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About this workshop

Workplaces have an opportunity to play an important role in raising awareness and providing early intervention and support to those at risk of suicide.

Educating all staff on warning signs of suicide intent and increasing confidence to have a conversation and provide support, can make a life-saving difference to someone at risk.

This workshop deals with topics related to mental health and people in crisis, some of the content may be confronting or distressing. Particularly for people who have experienced self-harm, suicidal behaviour, or mental illness, or who have supported others through similar experiences.

What’s covered

• Suicide risk factors

• Signs someone may need mental health support

• Escalation pathways

• Where to go for support.


In order to undertake this workshop, it is required that learners have completed the following course at a minimum:

Suitable for
All staff, and would
be beneficial to people leaders, contact centre
workers and claims managers.


90 minutes

Max Participants
20 people per workshop

This workshop can be added on to any other course or bundle for $2000+GST for up to 20 participants*

*Partners – no charge within allocation, please contact us.

Workplace Mental Health Essentials
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