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Group coaching for business need is designed to support specific organisational challenges when they cannot be answered with consulting services, standard training offerings, or advice alone.

Group Coaching has been designed to answer this need, with small interactive group discussions aimed at addressing a specific business challenge. Experienced facilitators will use their subject matter expertise to guide participants on relevant theory and best practice and moderate a discussion related to topic.

Participants should leave the session having increased confidence in applying best practice approaches to navigating their area of concern and have the support of group members for ongoing support.


Group coaching is a flexible solution accommodating time and location requirements, the session includes bespoke content development and a question guide specific to the organisational need.

Each session is moderated by a facilitator experienced in coaching and the subject matter, and uses a combination of theory, practical examples and exercises to generate group discussion.

Case examples and business artefacts can be included in the session, and a post group coaching feedback session can be arranged.

Group coaching can assist with whatever challenge or opportunity identified in your organisation, there is no set list to choose from, but possible topics include:

  • Supporting Organisational Change
  • Modelling positive mental health
  • Actioning mental health policies
  • Working as a collaborative and cohesive team
  • Managing vicarious trauma
Group size: Minimum 4 and maximum 12 participants per session.

Duration: 2 hours

Mode: Facilitated – virtual or physical.

Preferable to have participants from relevant business areas in each session e.g., all people leaders or all general staff. Mixing participants can impact the efficacy of the session.

Where it is a standalone business solution and no training programs are aligned, there are no pre requisites.

$2,900 +GST

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