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Communication Strategies for Claims Managers Course

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Claims managers have a unique responsibility to manage complex claims and it is well recognised that, when equipped with skills, training and awareness related to mental health there are benefits for all stakeholders.

SuperFriend’s Communication Strategies for Claims Managers course promotes trust and drives positive engagements between Claims Managers and the person on claim.

About this course

This course provides a great introduction to person-centred communication strategies and includes an Effective Communication framework (OARS – Open questions, Affirmations, Reflections, Summaries) approach and content aligned to FSC Standard 21 .

Participants will gain an understanding of mental health conditions and practical foundational person-centred communication skills to foster rapport, trust and effect positive change with the person on claim.

After completing this course, learners will have an increased awareness of how to impact positive conversations, employ empathetic techniques to build trust, and how to manage challenging interactions using de-escalation strategies.

The optional workshop provides the opportunity to practice and embed the module skills, giving participants the confidence to de-escalate challenging calls and drive better claims outcomes.

What’s included

This course includes the following online learning modules which make up the Workplace Mental Health Essentials For All Staff course:

  • Introduction to mental health and wellbeing
  • Employee legal rights and responsibilities related to mental health
  • Peer support
  • Building positive relationships
  • Looking after yourself

PLUS the following online learning modules specific to Claims Managers:

  • Understanding mental illness (as stipulated in FSC-Standard 21)
  • Introduction to person-centred communication
  • Managing challenging claims interactions

Add on a facilitated workshop

Bundle a facilitated workshop with this course and save! All our workshops can be delivered online or in your workplace, and are led by a SuperFriend workplace mental health expert.

8 short online modules (2 hrs)

Facilitated workshop (optional): 90 minutes, up to 20 participants.

Resources: Access to additional supporting resources – tools, tip sheets, videos, articles.

  • Understanding mental illness

  • Biopsychosocial model

  • Identifying risk and protective factors

  • Person-centred communication

  • Effective communications strategies – OARS framework

This course is recommended for all claims managers

Online learning:
$45 per learner*
(includes Workplace Mental Health Essentials for All Staff as prerequisite learning)

Bundle and save – add the facilitated workshop: 
$2781 per 20 learners*

*Partners – no charge within allocation, please contact us.


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