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Rachel Setti

Rachel Setti is a registered organisational psychologist, psychotherapist, facilitator, and coach. She has masters qualifications in both Organisational Psychology and Psychotherapy and brings a unique combination of these two disciplines into her leadership coaching, consulting, and facilitation, as well as her therapeutic services. Currently embarking on her Professional Doctorate (University of London), Rachel has trained globally across three continents and has worked across a breadth of sectors including professional services, medical, government, finance, and industry.

Experienced in working with a diverse range of stakeholders, Rachel draws on 20 years of practice in the leadership and wellbeing industry to develop strategic overviews, tactical plans, quality services and seamless delivery. Her particular area of passion lies in helping clients achieve and sustain their wellbeing. Her approach is to partner with her stakeholders to understand their needs, uncover systemic issues and develop multi-pronged solutions. She oversees programs by integrating organisational, team and individual requirements to achieve well embedded, productive, sustainable change.


Improving mental health and wellbeing in your workplace doesn’t need to be complicated.

Online training and courses

Training is one of the most impactful initiatives a workplace can do to create a thriving environment, by building mental health and wellbeing capability and confidence.

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Resources and toolkits

We do our own research and feed national insights into a range of best-practice workplace wellbeing resources and guides for organisations and individuals.

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Strategic support

Our experts are here to help you to navigate your organisation’s unique workplace wellbeing journey from end to end, including assessment, strategy and policy development.

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“We have seen a positive impact since staff undertook SuperFriend’s training. People have started to connect. There’s been a shift towards a psychologically safe workplace culture – people understand that health and wellbeing is something that we are serious about. That’s it OK to ask for help and the importance of looking out for others.”

— Lisa D’Andrea, HR Manager Hansen Yuncken

“Over 1000 of our members have attended the Retiring Well program. Previously, people didn’t give much consideration to the psychological aspects of retirement but this program gets people talking about it in their workplace and at home. It is really worthwhile. The feedback from members is always really positive: attendees talk about how interesting it was and that it’s great to see we’re not just looking at the financial side of retirement.”

— Josephine Casabene, Client Management Officer at Equip

“SuperFriend supported our specific training needs and objectives. They were really keen to understand our business, and were absolutely fantastic to work with – very supportive and engaging.”

— Lisa D’Andrea, HR Manager Hansen Yuncken