Workplace wellbeing is a journey and all organisations are at a different stage. SuperFriend’s consulting services can assist you to optimise your strategy and support the successful implementation of your plans.

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Expert advice helps navigate the many workplace mental health resources and provides organisations with the assurance that the approach they are taking meets their needs.

SuperFriend’s consulting support is based on best practice, leverages the latest research, and is compliant with workplace health and safety laws.

We use a positive approach to workplace mental health. Organisational wellbeing is reliant on the people and the culture, and people respond most effectively when their strengths are engaged. We focus on what is working really well in your workplace and build on those areas. You might be surprised by how many activities the organisation is already doing to contribute to the wellbeing of your people!

We work with employers through a consultative approach to:

Our approach to consulting

SuperFriend engages with organisations to look at their workplace mental health and wellbeing strategy holistically by identifying needs, creating a plan, developing and implementing solutions and evaluating outcomes. Our approach includes designing a targeted and practical intentioned strategy, building internal capability, developing policies and systems and creating sustainable success.

When organisations incorporate preventative strategies to develop positive mental health and improve productivity, they realise the full benefits of a thriving workforce. When employees thrive, so do businesses.

Whether your organisation is just starting out or has a range of initiatives developed, SuperFriend can provide consulting solutions to meet your needs.

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More workplace mental health and wellbeing solutions

Workplace Training

Build the mental health and wellbeing capability of your employees and leaders with online and face-to-face (currently virtual) training, including courses for specialised roles.

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Resources and toolkits

We do our own research and feed national insights into a range of best-practice workplace wellbeing resources and guides for organisations and individuals.

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Raise awareness and educate your people to reduce stigma and boost mental wellbeing know-how with our short, engaging ‘lunch & learn’ style presentations (currently virtual).

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Not sure where to start? Our workplace mental health experts are here to help you.

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“AustralianSuper’s partnership with SuperFriend has been incredibly valuable to us for the best part of a decade. SuperFriend is the only specialist organisation that provides these services to super funds that are then able to go out to hundreds of thousands of workplaces and assist employers and their employees to address the problems of mental health that affect so many Australians.”
— Ian Silk, CEO, AustralianSuper

“SuperFriend has improved the mental wellbeing of Sunsuper people by ensuring they feel supported and work in a positive environment. SuperFriend brings a lot to that equation in terms of helping us develop a wellbeing blueprint which has been critically important to developing our leaders to create a positive, supportive environment.”

— Scott Hartley, Former CEO, Sunsuper

“SuperFriend continues to play a really important role galvanising the industry to take action. We’ve already seen a lot of action that SuperFriend has triggered in the industry. They have been able to bring parts of the industry together and play that linking role.”

— Damien Mu, CEO and Director, AIA Australia

“SuperFriend is a very unique organisation and is very well placed to be a disrupter in terms of how we think and understand the areas concerning mental health. SuperFriend is a good policy body, it’s a good lobby body, it’s a good educator. It ensures that the mental health agenda remains on our agenda. I think that it’s important that it helps demystify and remove the stigma around all aspects of mental health.”

— Colin Tate, CEO, Conexus Financial

“People at SuperFriend are mental health champions and mental health experts who not only have the passion but they’ve got the qualifications and information to really help. We’ve seen some great benefits in our people’s confidence in dealing with people with mental health challenges because they’ve been trained. So it’s a great asset to our business. ”

— Suzanne Smith, Industry Executive

“We’ve worked with SuperFriend closely to train our staff to be more aware around mental illness. The advantage we’ve got with SuperFriend is that they know our industry really, really well, but they also know us really well. So there’s no relationship barriers to get over, there’s a trusted relationship that makes the work we do together so much easier.”

— Brett Clark, CEO, TAL

“Having a workplace partner like SuperFriend is critical. We can’t do this on our own. We work in financial services, it’s highly technical and often we’re not equipped with the right expertise and the knowledge to know how to deal with issues of mental health, but they affect our staff and the customers we’re dealing with every day. So having an organisation with the expertise that understands our sector as well is incredibly valuable.”

— Sally Loane, CEO, Financial Services Council

“I think having SuperFriend as a partner ensures that no one is forgetting about mental health and the importance of it. All funds are seeing increases in the number of mental health claims in their insurance area. It’s incredibly important for us not to lose sight of the fact that we have a role to play in improving people’s mental health.”

— Eva Scheerlinck, CEO, Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees