2017 Indicators of a
Thriving Workplace

SuperFriend’s 2017 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Report

The 2017 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Report provides a snapshot of findings from SuperFriend’s third annual survey tracking the progress of workplace mental health and wellbeing across Australia.

The survey uses 38 characteristics or indicators of a workplace environment known to be optimal for the mental health of employees and their ability to succeed at work. The indicators cover four fundamental domains – Leadership, Connectedness, Policies & Practices and Capabilities & Culture.

In 2017s study we increased the sample from 1,000 to approximately 5,000 workers. Business owners, managers and employees in small, medium and large organisations from different industries across Australia participated.

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Key finding from 2017’s Report include:

  • Almost half of Australians (46%) view workplace mental health and wellbeing as a problem in their business, but only a fifth of these (20%) believe that the issue is being addressed
  • One in two workers was unaware of any mental health and wellbeing policies in place at work
  • Almost two thirds of Australians believe investing in mental health and wellbeing would improve productivity, and over half believe it would reduce absenteeism
  • Businesses already implementing best practice for their employees were found to have 80% or more of the desired state indicators in place
  • More importantly, these business leaders are setting good examples and creating a culture that enables workers to be happy, healthy and productive.

Download the Report

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