2015 Indicators of a
Thriving Workplace

SuperFriend’s 2015 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Survey

In late 2014, SuperFriend commissioned an internal Needs Analysis project, in order to clearly identify workplace mental health needs and gaps in current initiatives designed to address those needs.

As part of this project, stakeholder interviews, workshops, and a Delphi review featuring a global panel of experts helped to determine the key characteristics of a mentally healthy workplace, and teams operating at high levels of mental fitness. Having identified for the first time what success looks like – the key, measurable characteristics of a mentally healthy workplace – a national quantitative survey more precisely measured the distance between the resulting “desired-state” and the current-state across Australian workplaces.

This has become a measurable, auditable way for organisations to determine their progress towards achieving a mentally healthy workplace, and to benchmark themselves against the national desired-state profile, first known as the ‘Work in Progress’ survey.

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Key finding from 2015’s Report include:

  • 75% of respondants agree there are considerable financial benefits for employers who invest in workplace mental health and wellbeing
  • In this inaugural 2015 workforce survey, the most prevalent desired-state characteristic (46%) is ‘People greet each other in the morning, smile, make eye contact, and say thank you – it’s common courtesy’
  • Many survey respondents stated that ‘Mental health awareness training’ was not provided in their workplace
  • Fewer than one in three respondents believed their workplace ‘Has effective policies and practices for workplace bullying and harassment’ (31%) and that they were ‘encouraged to identify ways to improve the workplace’ (31%).

Download the Report

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