Getting started

We often hear that the hardest part of embarking on a journey towards a thriving, mentally healthy workplace is knowing where to start.

The sheer amount of information out there can be overwhelming — even for those who do have a clear idea of what they want to achieve.

No workplace can become truly thriving in a hurry, and maintaining this long term takes a genuine, ongoing, organisation-wide commitment.

The most important thing to do is to start somewhere — anywhere — and build from there!

SuperFriend’s workplace wellbeing consultants are here to help to identify your unique organisation’s needs and where to focus your efforts to give you your best start – wherever you are on the journey.

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Who is SuperFriend?

We design and deliver mental health initiatives that enable workplaces to thrive. Check out some of our solutions and resources.

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Practical ideas to get you started
Tools and resources to share with employees
Prepare for action
More resources to kick start your journey

Practical ideas to get you started

Action ideas to boost wellbeing

Time and cost-effective ideas for you to pick up and implement in your own workplace to get the ball rolling.

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Make it fun!

Try a few fun initiatives to see what works for when the time comes to formalise action!

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Tools & resources to share with your employees

Providing avenues for self-care and supporting others also helps you ‘put mental health on the table’ in your workplace.

Provide self-care avenues for your people

Making self-care a priority with “the life juggle” can be tricky – our Looking After You resource includes simple, easy and free ways you can inject more care for yourself into each and every day.


Support your people to support each other

Our Peer Support Booklet provides key information about signs that a colleague may be in need of support, and practical ways to provide care.


Support employee wellbeing check-ins

Our free, 15 minute online Wellbeing check-in module includes learning components and personalised recommendations for action based on the individuals’ responses.

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Prepare for action

Build your business case for a mentally healthy workplace

Build the business case for a real and sustainable commitment across the business.

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Get leadership buy-in

Like all workplace initiatives, leadership support determines the success or failure of all efforts to improve employee wellbeing. Gaining leadership buy-in is one of the first crucial steps to building a thriving workplace that sets workers up to be their best.

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Learn from other organisations 

Case stories from the organisations who are doing workplace wellbeing really well are a great way to learn how the journey can unfold and get inspired with ideas!


How to create a Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

A how-to guide to developing a workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy


More resources and solutions to kickstart your journey

Find out what best practice looks like

Our Building Thriving Workplaces resource provides best-practice information on the five evidence-based domains that are essential for creating a positive and thriving workplace. These guidelines equip those wanting to improve the wellbeing of their workplace with a knowledge basis for a strategy, as well as simple, cost effective ideas to action.

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Educate and increase awareness about mental health across your organisation

Our short, engaging presentations for people leaders and all staff on a number of mental health-related topics are perfect for ‘lunch & learns’ or events.

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Assess where your workplace is now

The first step is to make sure you have a good sense of where the organisation is now. SuperFriend’s workplace wellbeing consultants can help to assess your workplace’s current strengths and areas for development and identify where to focus your efforts to give you the best start.

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Workplace mental health & wellbeing solutions


Designed by our workplace wellbeing experts, our carefully curated packages provide your organisation with a cost-effective, mental health and wellbeing solution.

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Build the mental health and wellbeing capability of your employees and people leaders with online and facilitated training, delivered virtually and on-site.

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Engage our experts for a positive approach to workplace mental health. We can assist with strategic reviews, policy design, enablement and implementation support.

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Not sure where to start? Our workplace mental health experts are here to help you.

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“We have seen a positive impact since staff undertook SuperFriend’s training. People have started to connect. There’s been a shift towards a psychologically safe workplace culture – people understand that health and wellbeing is something that we are serious about. That it’s ok to ask for help and the importance of looking out for others.”
— Lisa D’Andrea, HR Manager Hansen Yuncken
“We chose SuperFriend because it was just really clear speaking to you both [Pippa and Mark] that you are people who are really genuine, really authentic, easy to talk to – you weren’t trying to bamboozle us with lots of fancy acronyms or language about things. You were truly listening, so it was really a two-way discussion. You genuinely wanted to understand our business, what was going on for us.”
— Jo McManus, Head of People & Performance at Twinings Australia

“We are delighted with the results and they speak volumes. Of the targeted staff, 77% completed the course with 65% of the team stating that they had gained knowledge and better yet, 81% of people said that they intended to implement this knowledge.”

— Amra Broughton, Director, People & Development at Ralph Lauren