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More helpful links and resources for COVID support

COVID Support Hub Information from reliable sources It’s best to rely on information from credible sources during this time, such as: The Australian Government Department of Health The World Health Organisation Checking in with someone you care about [...]

More helpful links and resources for COVID support2020-10-06T20:37:45+10:00

Leader’s guide to supporting staff

COVID Support Hub Managing people can be challenging even when piloting the calmest of skies. As leaders, we always need to make sure we’re prepared to adapt and respond calmly to any unforeseen turbulence along the journey but this is not straightforward when [...]

Leader’s guide to supporting staff2020-10-06T10:49:57+10:00

Connecting employees during physical distancing

COVID Support Hub In an effort to slow the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), many organisations have some or all of their employees working from home for extended periods. State and Federal governments in Australia are signalling that shutdown of schools and government [...]

Connecting employees during physical distancing2020-10-07T10:04:58+10:00

Seek formal support

COVID Support Hub Taking that first step to seek support can be daunting, especially if you haven’t had experience with formal mental health support before. However, it is completely normal and important to seek support if you’re feeling overwhelmed by COVID-19, or during any difficult [...]

Seek formal support2020-10-06T11:21:06+10:00

Connect with a buddy

COVID Support Hub During difficult times, like a pandemic, it is understandable that people may be feeling isolated, anxious and overwhelmed. As humans we thrive and rely on human connection for overall wellbeing. It’s therefore vital to keep strong social connections, and to [...]

Connect with a buddy2020-10-06T11:04:19+10:00

Wellbeing checklist

COVID Support Hub In times of uncertainty it’s normal to feel some anxiety about the world around us. It’s important that we have a level of self-awareness about our response to these circumstances and how this may present in the way we behave. [...]

Wellbeing checklist2020-10-06T17:25:14+10:00

How to spot someone in distress

Blog What does someone in distress look like? What should you do? How can you start a conversation? Have you noticed a change in a loved one or friend? It’s important to pay attention to cues that someone might be struggling, and reach out. [...]

How to spot someone in distress2020-10-13T08:16:01+10:00

Your guide to managing a crisis

Blog Learn about the short-term, intermediate and long-term phases of a crisis, what to expect and practical ways to support your people and customers. You can also view as a PDF. Phase 1: Pre-disaster Phase 2: Impact [...]

Your guide to managing a crisis2020-10-07T09:33:09+10:00

Wellbeing check-in and action plan

Blog Use this free, confidential module to check-in on your wellbeing, get tips on managing your mental health and make your own self-care action plan during these challenging times.  Practical Proven Private Personal [...]

Wellbeing check-in and action plan2020-10-13T09:45:17+10:00

The art of checking in

Blog Approaching a friend, family member, colleague or employee you’re concerned about is important at any time of year. Noticing changes in someone’s behaviour or mood and asking, “Are you OK?” can make a significant difference to the life of someone who is having [...]

The art of checking in2020-10-07T09:00:59+10:00
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