Standing up when times are tough

An organisation with poor leadership cannot thrive. This is true of organisations today, and of the first organisations or organised groups ever created.

And there is no time that leadership is more important than when an organisation is experiencing difficulty – either due to internal or external forces.

Likewise, if an entire community goes through a crisis period like we are seeing with the bushfires throughout multiple Australian states, we need to work to ensure the impact of each persons’ experience doesn’t compound to create more layers of harm with far longer term impacts for them and their organisations.

These are the times most crucial for leaders to step up and ensure peoples’ workplaces are providing the continuity and safety that they may no longer have outside of work. And there are likely to be people in your organisation who have been impacted in one way or another without anyone being aware of it.

For many, the current crisis appears to be settling. For others, it has just begun. Either way, sadly these events are set to be more regular in future so there is no time like the present for employers to ensure they’re set up to respond appropriately.

For leaders, the trickiest part can be knowing the most appropriate course of action. SuperFriend has developed resources to support their employees through such events. Designed for HR Managers and people leaders, the kit provides tools, tips and resources to support people at all levels during times of crisis.

This includes:

  • A guide to managing a crisis
  • How to spot someone in distress
  • Employer responsibilities
  • Onsite support options, and
  • Clinical support referrals

Improving mental health and wellbeing in your workplace doesn’t need to be complicated.

Online training and courses

Training is one of the most impactful initiatives a workplace can do to create a thriving environment, by building mental health and wellbeing capability and confidence.

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Resources and toolkits

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Strategic support

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