Claims management – best practice framework and support

SuperFriend is uniquely positioned at the juncture of the superannuation, life insurance and mental health sectors to help maximise the number of Australians reaching a happy and healthy retirement.

The insurance provided through our superannuation funds is critically important in supporting this - not only through the piece of mind that this cover provides, but the financial support when it’s needed most.

The people working in the claims teams of our Insurance and Superannuation Partners are regularly communicating with members who may be experiencing the worst period of their life, either as a result of personal injury or illness or the death of a loved one.

Making a claim can be daunting and stressful, particularly for those suffering a psychological condition, and mental health claims have continued to increase over the last 10 years. We support our Partners by supplementing their internal training and providing them with evidence-based tools and frameworks to assist vulnerable members or customers. SuperFriend’s training assists to embed mental health best practices into their claims management processes in order to effectively manage claims in an empathetic manner.

For each of our Insurance Partners, the claims function is a demanding and challenging role for even the most experienced Claims Manager. As such, a key component of SuperFriend’s training focuses on equipping employees with the self-care strategies required to ensure they themselves, maintain their mental health as well as empowering them with the skills to support the mental health of their colleagues.

Support for claims staff


Communication Strategies for Claims Managers


Best practice framework for the management of psychological claims


Behind the scenes in Australian Life Insurance claims management

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