The 11 most impactful actions for improving worker wellbeing

With so many actions available to improve the mental wellbeing of your workers, employers can quickly become overwhelmed and find it difficult to prioritise which are most appropriate for their organisation.

The 2020 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace research, Australia’s largest workplace mental health survey with over 10,000 respondents, provides a clear indication of the most valuable, tangible actions to improve worker wellbeing.

Workplace training

  1. Make sure that all leaders regularly participate in mental health and wellbeing training by making it an organisation-wide policy
  2. Provide access to mental health and wellbeing education (i.e. information, training, presentations)
  3. Actively provide professional development opportunities

Policy and practices

  1. Let people see the mental health policy, strategy or action plan in action
  2. Implement effective policies and practices against workplace bullying and harassment
  3. Develop good return to work policies and practices for people who have had time off work with mental health conditions

Business as usual

  1. Recognise people who do good work and reward them appropriately
  2. Put clear structures in place so that decision making is transparent
  3. Develop policies to ensure that changes are managed in clear, supportive and positive ways
  4. Help people to practice good work/family/life integration
  5. Make it easy for everyone to access confidential counselling or support services


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