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With work having such a major impact on people’s health, it’s no surprise that investing in employee wellbeing creates higher returns than almost any other investment a business can make.

We find that, most of the time, organisations want to do the right thing by their employees. But with so many competing priorities, a lack of internal capability and an overwhelming amount of workplace wellbeing information to navigate – keeping a well-intentioned strategy alive can quickly feel like an insurmountable task.

The more tangible actions in workplace mental health and wellbeing that a workplace implements, the more workers feel supported, enjoy their job, are less likely to leave or feel distressed in the workplace. Tangible actions  also decrease stigma and lead to increased productivity, resulting in a more thriving workplace!

The good news is – this important work doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! SuperFriend meets you where you are and can support you in building and maintaining a thriving workplace. This includes building internal capability, action plans and systems that spread the load across the business and create sustainable success.

We know that building on strengths is far more effective than placing too much focus on fixing a workplace’s deficits, so we work with organisations to identify the qualities that make them special – and build on those. This human-centred, positive approach is part of the integrated model we use to create ‘good work’ for people; building an environment where all employees can perform at their best – whether they have a mental health condition or not!

Improving mental health and wellbeing in your workplace doesn’t need to be complicated.

Online training and courses

Training is one of the most impactful initiatives a workplace can do to create a thriving environment, by building mental health and wellbeing capability and confidence.

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Resources and toolkits

We do our own research and feed national insights into a range of best-practice workplace wellbeing resources and guides for organisations and individuals.

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Strategic support

Our experts are here to help you to navigate your organisation’s unique workplace wellbeing journey from end to end, including assessment, strategy and policy development.

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