Board & Leadership

Mitch Wallis

Director, SuperFriend Board
Founder, Heart on My Sleeve Movement

Mitch Wallis is an emerging leader in the Millennial generation with a lifelong mission to empower others to overcome suffering and reimagine the healing power of the mind through the power of authenticity.

After 7 years of MICROSOFT living the “dream” life in his mid-20’s, Mitch’s lifelong battle with mental health became too much and he broke down completely, leaving him unable to continue his life as he knew it. On the 30th May 2017, Mitch released a video of his story, in the hope that someone out there would feel understood and feel less alone by his unexpected yet painfully relatable journey. Within 1 week the video reached over 1 million people and started a global Movement called Heart On My Sleeve where people all around the world began drawing and tattooing hearts on their arm and sharing their story.

Heart On My Sleeve is now one of the fastest growing mental health organisations in Australia. Mitch now devotes himself full time to helping solve the single biggest issue facing his generation – mental health. He was appointed the first ever ambassador for the Australia & New Zealand Mental Health association, and has been named a Westfield Local Hero in their annual awards. He has interviewed the likes of Miss Universe Australia, Osher Günsberg & Ruby Wax. He has featured across Sky News, Channel 10’s The Project, and recognised by GQ Magazine as a Man of Influence Shaping Society as part of their 2019 Gentleman’s Ball Issue.

Mitch has spoken at/is working with – some of the most recognised companies in the country including Google, Spotify, Dropbox, Woolworths, Salesforce, Suncorp, Salesforce, and more. Mitch has a Masters of Psychology degree from Columbia University in New York and a Bachelors degree in Commerce from the University of Sydney. He has done specialised study under leading global psychology teachers including Harvard’s Dr Dan Brown and UCLA’s Dr Dan Siegel.

In his spare time, Mitch is a DJ, certified yoga teacher, boxer, meditation junkie, fashion tragic, pasta enthusiast, tattoo lover, writer and socialite. Family and friends are the most important thing in his life. He has visited more than 20 countries to-date, represented Sydney in squash, and completed the NY marathon.

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